Radiologists across the globe are always on the look-out for an effective easy-to-use imaging solution for general radiography examinations that can offer efficient workflow, easy patient positioning, simplify clinical-decision making and reduce the imaging department burden.  The rising healthcare needs have led to an increased patient volume which pushes the existing radiography resources to the limit. This calls for the need of a digital radiography systems which can improve workflow and handle a wide range of applications.

Influx of patients demands cutting edge imaging solutions to improve patient care.

With the aim of touching the lives of 2 billion people, Philips Healthcare, a leading name in the diagnostic technology introduced a new line of imaging device. DuraDiagnost F30 is an easy to use analog system that delivers functionality essential for general radiography examinations and is designed for improved workflow and long-lasting durability. This imaging solution was released by Philips at the recently concluded AOCR 2018 (17th Asian Oceanian Congress of Radiology) in Mumbai, India (Jan 25-28, 2018).

Diagnostic Confidence

Philips UNIQUE mutli-resolution image processing technology ensures consistent diagnostic images. It harmonizes the contrast levels and hence provides uniform clinical image quality for all anatomical areas by adjusting the balance between overexposed and underexposed area.

Clinical Excellence

DuraDiagnost F30 offers fixed and wireless portable flat detectors depending upon the room configuration thus providing the flexibility needed for general clinical applications. The key advantages include: easy handling of diverse clinical procedures, a short installation time, and a high system uptime.

Ergonomic Design

It’s designed to facilitate fast positioning and can be adjusted to support a wide variety of radiological examinations thus maintaining the speed and quality of the diagnostic images.

Easy Learning

This latest digital radiography solution from Philips offers high quality images immediately on the Eleva workstation, which requires only three clicks to complete an X-ray exam. It also comes with a self-guided learning tool to train the radiologists and other professionals. Many of such tutorial videos can be accessed here.

Learn more about Philips Healthcare’s DuraDiagnost radiography solutions by clicking here.

Philips digital radiography solutions portfolio also includes a mobile radiography system, MobileDaignost M50, which can be easily manoeuvred through crowded spaces in the OR, ER, ICU and general wards with ease, bringing digital imaging right to the bedside. Based on decades of Philips expertise and innovation this powerful compact mobile digital X-ray system is designed for all-round performance and fast return on investment. The Eleva workspot’s on-board battery maintains systems uptime and makes the workflow smoother.

At the event, Philips also introduced a new line of imaging devices: Access CT, and Prodiva 1.5T MRI.

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