Majority of the regions in India enjoy tropical climate i.e. temperature remains relatively constant (hot) throughout the year. In northern parts of the country, 40-45 degree Celsius temperature in the summer season is quite common. The most common method that people apply to get some respite from the scorching heat is a sip of cool water, which acts as an elixir in the torrid heat. Hence, during summers the consumption of drinking water increases to many folds across many parts of the country. But are we making sure that the water we are drinking is safe and healthy for us and is devoid of any contaminants?

On 22nd March, World Water Day was celebrated, which focuses on the importance of water and how can we reduce floods, droughts and water pollution. But are we doing enough? On this very day, Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD), released a report which highlights that around 70% of Delhi’s (capital of India) drinking water is unsafe for consumption. Ex-chairman of MCD’s public health committee Dr. VK Monga said, “At least 20% of people in Delhi are not getting water which is drinkable by Indian standards.” And this issue is very similar across many cities across India.

People are aware of this grave situation and are flocking to installation of water purifiers at their households and commercial premisesIndia’s water purifier market is expected to reach $4.1 billion by the end of 2024 vs. $1.1 billion in 2015, at a CAGR of 15.4%. The technologies available in the India water purifier market are gravity purifier, RO purifier, sediment purifier, water softener, and UV purifier.

However, most of the water purifiers in the market have one major drawback that they make the water acidic i.e. it reduces the pH of water below 7 during the purifying process, hampering the quality and the taste of the drinking water. Also, the RO (reverse osmosis) process, adopted by most of the water purifiers available today, results in loss of certain important minerals. To counter these with the objective of providing clean and safe drinking water, a leading electrical equipment conglomerate, Havells , has made a recent entry to the market with its innovative range of water purifiers. Havells water-purifiers provide 100% RO and UV purification as 100% water passes through the RO membrane and then UV purification to ensure absolutely safe and healthy drinking water. These water purifiers are designed with powerful 8 stage purification procedure which effectively removes the pollutants.


A major component of Havells’s water purifiers is the Revitalizer which restructures the water molecules and makes it biologically active to improve the hydrations and mineral absorption. Mineral Fortification technology implemented corrects the pH of the purified water, and adds wide spectrum of natural minerals with trace elements delivering healthy and clean safe drinking water for consumption. Some of the variants come with smart feather-touch panel keeping in mind the convenience and ease-of-use for the consumers.

You can easily purchase these transformative water purifiers online and compare their features or write to for any product related information.

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