Water pollution is a perennial problem in India as over 60% of its surface water resources and groundwater reserves are contaminated by biological, toxic, organic, and inorganic pollutants. Increasing urbanization, agricultural practices, industrialization and harmful human practices are the leading cause of this water pollution. The paucity of clean drinking water leads to serious health hazards such as diarrhoea, cholera, filariasis, etc. This growing concern has to be addressed very quickly and that’s where the role of water purifiers in the removal of impurities and pollutants from drinking water becomes indispensable.

Majority of the impurities in water can be removed with modern water purification technologies such as RO (Reverse Osmosis). The advent of this technology has enhanced the plausibility to get safe and clean drinking water in households. Most of the water-purifiers available in the market adopt this technology of Reverse Osmosis membrane purification which helps in the removal of both chemical and microbiological pollutants in the water. It has become more essential for the consumers to understand this RO process and its effect on the water quality.

The claim made by most of the water-purifier makers in the country that it makes the water totally clean is only partially true. You will find it hard to believe that some of the essential elements of water are lost during the RO process. The reason lies in the dynamics of the reverse osmosis process. The RO process does lead to removal of the harmful pollutants but on the flip side it also leads to the elimination of some of the very important minerals within water. This leads to a fall in pH of water, making it more acidic and bitter in taste. To improve the taste, these purifiers overcomes mixes a stream of impure water (by bypassing part of tap water through UF membrane and add to the RO water) to balance pH & improve taste. This procedure does improve the taste of water but also adds more pollutants to water that we all use. Hence, we cannot be completely sure that the water coming out of the purifier is safe to drink and non-harmful to health.

A newly launched water-purifier range is equipped with a transformative technology that will address the issues mentioned above. Havells water-purifiers are equipped with advanced purification technology with double UV purification that remove all impurities from water. 100% water passes through the RO membrane and then UV purification to ensure absolutely safe and healthy drinking water. Mineralz fortification, which is integral to this technology, balances the pH of the water by adding essential minerals to it and thereby maintains the taste of the water enhancing its quality for the consumers.

A distinctive feature of this innovative 8-stage water purification process is the presence of revitalizer which breaks water molecules into smaller clusters, making it biologically active and this leading to easy absorption of water and improved hydration in our body. This entire purification process is repeated after every 4 hours to ensure healthier and tastier water.

The product also features design excellency where paramount importance is given to the ease of placement/installation of the product and its usage. It is equipped with a first-of-a-kind iProtect purification monitoring system that makes sure the proper functioning of the purification process at all times. These purifiers have a very user-friendly interface with the presence of a touch screen in the high-end model. Calibration of the quantity of the water coming out of the purifier is an added advantage which the consumers will like. Havells has developed a complete range of RO & UV water purifiers and UV water purifiers which deploys the new-age technology for providing safe and pure drinking water.


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