Leading the Health-tech Startup Pack

An unprecedented rise in the health-tech startups illustrates that technology is capable of bridging the gap between quality healthcare and its growing demand. Increased funding is due to increased internet penetration, rise in digital payments and big-ticket government initiatives.

Patient Safety as a Global Health Priority

Improving patient safety should be a priority for hospitals and health systems across the globe. Healthcare providers must quickly assess their current safety-related processes, identify optimization opportunities, and implement new approaches that foster a safer environment.

Contact Tracing Apps: Privacy Implications and Trade-offs

Countries are in a race to develop contact tracing mobile apps to combat the novel coronavirus spread. This has resulted in a widespread privacy debate over potential security concerns that come along with these apps.

Aarogya Setu App: Life-Saving or Privacy Invasion

Over 43 contract-tracing apps have been launched worldwide in 25 countries, many raising serious concerns around privacy infringements and data security. Aarogya Setu, India's contract tracing app is in the midst of a massive controversy since its launch in April. Can such apps be more transparent?

Future of AI in Healthcare in India: Opportunities and Challenges

AI based healthcare solutions have the potential to improve patient experience, enhance accessibility, reduce healthcare costs and streamline clinical workflows. Despite proven benefits and tremendous opportunities, AI implementations in healthcare in India face major roadblocks.

Pandemic’s Effect on Care of Non-Coronavirus Patients

As the nations are busy treating covid patients, its the non-covid patients who are bearing the brunt and are suffering in silence as essential health services and treatments are denied to them. This could quickly add to the non-Covid mortality rate.

AI and Data Analytics to Combat Health Pandemic

As the world is vehemently grappling with the coronavirus outbreak, technologies such as AI, Cloud and Analytics are being effectively leveraged across the globe to arrest the spread. However, this massive collection of data also invites a debate on existing data-security guidelines and privacy-infringement laws.

Coronavirus Outbreak: Myths vs Facts

Along with the novel coronavirus, many myths around it are crossing borders at a rampant rate. Its of paramount importance to attain information only from trustable sources.

Searching: The COVID-19 Killer

The development of a vaccine for COVID-19 is progressing at a frantic pace, much faster than that for any other disease in history. Innovative methods and new technologies are being adopted.