The adoption of technology within the healthcare industry has been rapid. Stakeholders in both private and public healthcare space have been very successful in absorbing and implementing ‘new-age’ technological innovations into their system. This is reflective by the improving patient experience, enhanced health outcomes, increased efficiency in providing quality healthcare, and also by the ocean of successful start-ups that have evolved in the health-tech space.

Health systems around the globe acknowledge the potential of digital health in transforming the industry over the past decade. The advent of cloud computing, analytics, mobile devices etc. have made rapid strides in making healthcare delivery more effective and also less complex to some extent.

But are these stakeholders ready to embrace the next powerful wave in IT adoption which includes complete digitization of their entire enterprise, products, channels, and processes, and utilize advanced analytics & cognitive computing for their business models? Even though IT adoption is advancing rapidly, the issues pertaining to regulations, privacy and overall costs stills looms high over health IT industry. Organizations still struggle to unlock the full potential of newer tech such a blockchain and IoT. Different models have been suggested to drive more innovations and more importantly implementation of these innovations into the processes.

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A lot of these models are being debated globally amongst industry experts on various platforms. Philips Digital Healthcare Conclave 2017 on July 28th in Bengaluru, India, is one such platform that will bring together healthcare leaders, government dignitaries, industry stalwarts, digital influencers, healthcare innovators, infrastructure operators, ambitious startups and media correspondents to have an insightful discussion around the scope, challenges and trends for connected care and digital transformation in Indian healthcare industry. You can register for the event here and be a part of this jamboree of great minds.

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