More scientific and medical papers are being published now than ever before bringing a tsunami of information to healthcare professional across the globe. The landscape of medical technology is changing rapidly. Thanks to the digital world there is a tectonic shift in the way through which people connect with each other, technology is disseminated and the way information is shared amongst healthcare professionals and with patients. Hence, it’s perennial for healthcare professionals to continuously learn and imbibe latest medical education, information on innovative procedures and medical technologies on daily basis.

To address this perpetual need, Philips Healthcare India has launched an open and collaborative online forum where healthcare professionals can connect and learn from each other on regular basis. Radultralectures.com is launched with the primary objective of making professional in medical field connect and learn through the lectures, webinars, white papers, videos and other relevant educational assets that are uploaded on the portal regularly by Philips Health. These online assets will be focussed on different modalities such as MRI, CT Scan, Ultrasound, Cardiology and patient monitoring systems across the entire spectrum of products and solutions offered by Philips Health.

Radultralectures helps healthcare providers, professionals and other stakeholders to:

  • Access the latest Philips product details, disease information and clinical data
  • Find relevant resources and tools to help improve patient outcomes
  • Provide evidence-based medical presentations and webinars
  • Enable the discovery of relevant information and resources

These whitepapers, lectures and webinars are the outcomes of various elite customers of Philips Health products and solutions. They will be sharing their viewpoints and first-hand experience on various aspects of the products and latest innovations/technologies as they have contributed significantly to enhance the overall clinical and health outcomes. Through this portal, Philips Health also invites you to contribute whitepapers and lectures which can form an essential component of this forum.

Watch V Raja, Vice Chairman & Managing Director, Philips India Ltd talking about the objectives and future of this innovative and collaborative portal.

Philips Health India vision is to touch 3 billion lives by 2025, bring significant changes to healthcare and improve the overall healthcare and patient outcomes. Philips has been a pioneer in innovation in medical imaging, diagnostic and medical device technology focusing on better clinical outcomes, ease of usage and enhanced patient outcomes.

Philips’ clinical knowledge portal will enable the relevant and latest healthcare knowledge to be disseminated in a structured way and reach the entire community to benefit the entire patient population. REGISTER NOW for advanced lectures on varied clinical specialties, latest newsletters whitepapers live webinars and forums.

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