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A New Era in Ultrasound Diagnostics

Pressing demand for minimally invasive diagnostic techniques are driving path-breaking technologies to be introduced in the ultrasound imaging systems.

Early Detection: Key to Improve Breast Cancer Survival Rate

Breast cancer is the second most common cancer in the world and, by far, the most frequent cancer among women with very low survival rates. However, new breast assessment solutions are enhancing the diagnostic confidence.

Emerging Innovations in Ultrasound Imaging Landscape

The use of ultrasound systems for medical imaging is widespread since decades for a variety of medical applications. These imaging solutions are of perennial importance for achieving accurate diagnosis and helping reach the most appropriate treatment regime and hence enhancing the healthcare outcomes.  However, the evolution of medical technology and diagnosis has invited constant pressure ...

How Philips Healthcare Ultrasound Imaging System is Reinventing Medical Imaging?

Patient innovation in medical imaging has accelerated since the last decade. There is an increasing concern amongst healthcare stakeholders over excessive radiation dose, image quality and the efficient utilization of the existing diagnostic imaging tests. Philips Healthcare has been a pioneer in medical imaging diagnostics and is revolutionizing the healthcare delivery through introducing advancements in ...

How innovative products by Philips are set to change healthcare paradigm?

If I ask you to name the organization which you think could be synonymous with innovation then probably you can name many. But which are the top of the mind innovative companies in the field of healthcare that comes across to your mind. Not many perhaps. One such company is Philips, which is not only ...