Almost every other day I read about new pathbreaking innovations happening in the field ofupfront-flag_101312082901 medicine. Be it a new mobile health application, a new medical device or a disruptive diagnostic procedure, all these are set to transform the way healthcare is perceived around the globe. The general perception is that majority of these innovations spurt from Silicon Valley and other developed countries. Contrary to this, I would like to bring to your notice that Asia (especially India) is a powerhouse in terms of breakthroughs in medical technologies and improving healthcare outcomes. Here are some of the healthcare startups which are all geared up to take healthcare technology to the next level:

For the early detection of common eye ailments, Forus Health, has developed ‘3nethra’ which works at a very cost-effective model. Sofomo Embedded Solutions markets Lifeplot, which is a 12-Lead mobile electrocardiogram (ECG). Next Services has created enki – a mobile electronic health record platform. Agatsa is developing Sanket – a pocket sized ECG with a display which is wireless.

The number of smartphone users is rapidly increasing in India which has made these start-ups turn our phones into medical devices. Gujarat based Azoi Mobile Technologies, is launching an iPhone case that tracks blood oxygen level, blood pressure, ECG, respiration, temperature, and has an attachment for reading lung functions.

India’s first tricorder (an android based mobile system called the Swasthya Slate) which can be perform 33 diagnostic tests covering basic tests and also tests for pregnancy, dengue and malaria. All this for just INR 34000.

Don’t you think India soon could be a leading force in Healthcare IT. Infact, that’s what India excels in – Information Technology!

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