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The Medical Benefits of Taking a Holiday

A vacation is something we all look forward to as it breaks us away from our daily monotonous lives. Imagine if such holidays come with medical/healthcare benefits. This infographic highlights the various medical advantages that you might enjoy during your holidays. by Daffodil Hotel

Glasses to treat colorblindness

What if I tell you that colorblindness can be treated by just logging onto and buying colorblindness-correcting glasses for just over $300? Yes, this has been made possible by a neurobiologist, Mark Changizi and his friend Tim Barber. Their research institute, 2AI Labs, invented a pair of glasses with filters that just happen to ...

Trendy Healthcare Marketing

Gone are the days when hospitals were built solely for providing treatment. These days the healthcare industry has started marketing specialists and targeting specific segments that help them survive in this competitive industry. The industry is propelling itself into a new arena of building multispeciality hospitals. The consumers, patients in this case, have become more ...