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Are we running out of clean drinking water and can technology help?

63 million Indians do not have access to clean drinking water. Can innovative technology resolve this menace?

New-age technology to battle drinking-water pollution

With 60% of surface water resources and groundwater reserves contaminated, India's water pollution crisis needs to be addressed religiously.

Back to the Future: The Future of Healthcare is Now

Healthcare had no data before Healthcare had no records of patients’ history Then one day… Health care became costlier and non-interoperable It was a long day for the physician at the office. The desk is cluttered with clipboards, papers scattered all over, patients lining up outside the office - the physician just couldn’t manage available ...

Doctor Delivered: At Your Doorstep

Veena Iyer, 60yrs, is a resident of Bengaluru, India. She has spent all her lifetime building the future of her kids and performing the role of a housewife with utmost sincerity. Since last five years she is suffering from extreme pain in her knees joints, a sign of osteoarthritis, due to which she requires regular ...

India: The Home of ‘Future of Medicine’

Almost every other day I read about new pathbreaking innovations happening in the field of medicine. Be it a new mobile health application, a new medical device or a disruptive diagnostic procedure, all these are set to transform the way healthcare is perceived around the globe. The general perception is that majority of these innovations ...