A New Age Image-Guided Therapy System

There is an increasing pressure on health systems to provide better healthcare outcomes at a low cost. This challenging economic environment has pushed all the stakeholders to achieve much better return of investment while delivering excellent care to the patients.

Interventional X-ray systems have also witnessed a tremendous boost in the integrated technology and applicability for the clinicians and the patients. Intuis, Philips Healthcare latest innovation in image-guided therapy, is an advanced, entry level catheterisation lab (cath-lab) designed, developed and manufactured in India to cater to the rising demands of cardiac care locally and in other growth markets with the aim of providing affordable and efficient cardiac care. This latest image guidance technology will transform interventional procedures in India and enable interventional cardiologists and vascular specialists to decide, guide and confirm the right therapy for their patients in real-time. It’s an intuitive and versatile cath lab which allows cardiologists to handle a higher volume and variety of procedures with superior quality, ease of use, throughput, and reliability.

Intuis system is designed to cover wide anatomical areas to perform diverse procedures in one room, visualize small details with exceptional clarity and perform lengthy procedures without compromising performance. It supports in offering a wide range of diagnostic and interventional services, including cardiac, vascular, and EP interventions, as well as biopsy, drainage, and vertebroplasty procedures. It enhances patient care by intelligent and intuitive integration of live imaging and real time therapy guidance. Key features include:

Increased economic value:

  • Versatile imaging and service support enhance operational performance and contributes to a strong return on investment
  • Designed for low maintenance and reduced cost of ownership
  • Supports high throughput to perform diverse procedures

Greater insight and confidence in finding and treating the problem:

  • Clear visualization of broad anatomy supports fast and accurate diagnosis and treatment
  • The system’s high-performance tube and generator and flexible geometry enable treatment of patients with more confidence
  • Reduces delays during procedures

Better user experience to promote consistency and efficiency:

  • Designed to help save time and space in the procedure room
  • Easy distribution of images and information to third party PACS via the DICOM image Interface
  • Reduce re-positioning and accelerate vascular exams

Lower barriers for minimally invasive interventions:

  • Manages radiation exposure and increase awareness with the comprehensive DoseWise program
  • Low dose fluoroscopy settings allow clinicians to efficiently manage X-ray dose
  • DoseAware* option helps to manage your exposure to scatter radiation.

Philips Healthcare, a pioneer in interventional cardiology imaging guidance solutions, is also revolutionizing live image guidance for percutaneous coronary interventions with two new innovations:

Dynamic Coronary Roadmap: Automatic, real-time navigational guidance designed for procedure efficiency in complex PCI interventions without changing current standard workflow. It is a fully integrated system, featuring automatic storage and easy re-display of previously acquired roadmaps, to enhance procedure efficiency. Key features include:

  • Real-time, automatic, motion- compensated coronary imaging for guidance
  • Navigate coronary arteries efficiently and with confidence
  • Seamless integration into standard of care workflow and in daily clinical practice

StentBoost Live: Instantaneous enhanced live visualization, to position and deploy balloons, stents and bioresorbable vascular scaffolds, reducing overall procedure time. This advanced technology helps to quickly verify positioning both before and after deploying balloons, stents, and BVS devices, to display under- deployed stents, and to confirm fully expended stents. Key features include:

  • Live enhanced visualization of device positioning and deployment
  • Designed for procedural effectiveness and greater efficiency with enhanced visualization of moving intra-coronary devices
  • Seamless integration into standard of care workflow for optimized PCI

Worldwide more than 28 million patients per year are helped by one of the Image Guided Therapy technologies by Philips. It continues to innovate and bring in new technologies to help treat patients better and deliver relevant clinical value.

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